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Make Your Own Nutrition Labels – Free Nutrition Label Generator and Guide.

Free Nutrition Label Generator Tools – Add Nutrition Facts to Your Favorite Homemade Meals.

Using these free tools, adding Nutrition Facts to your favorite homemade meals can be an easy step towards meeting your healthy goals this New Year. The problem with some homemade recipes can be that you don’t know much about the calories, fat grams, or other nutritious content you’re consuming. But with these two free tools, it’s now easier than ever to know exactly how healthy your favorite fat burning recipes are.

Step 1:

Gather your recipe information and head on over to this free Recipe Nutrition Generator Tool:

We’ve found a free Nutrition tool that allows you to add your ingredients individually and it will spit out all of the nutrition information for you. Once you click the “Calculate Info” button a new window should pop up with all of your nutrition information. Make sure you print or write this information down! You’ll need it in a bit.

Step 2:

Now that you’ve got your nutrition information in hand, visit easy and free Nutrition Label Generator:

All you need to do is choose which nutrition label format you’d like, fill out the information requested, click the “Generate” button and your nutrition label will pop up. If you have a lot of recipes to input, you can save your nutrition label and access it later or you can download a scalable .png file that will re-size itself when it is stretched. Once you download the .png file, be sure to save it to a secure and easy location on your computer. You will need this file later in order to print the label out.

Free Nutrition Label Generator

Simply follow the listed steps and input your nutrition information to generate a Free Nutrition Label.

Step 3:

If you like to cook your meals in advance, you can easily print this label out and place it on your food package. You just need to follow a couple more easy steps:

  1. If you don’t have labels with adhesive on the back, you can get compatible labels from here.
  2. Once you’ve ordered and received your labels, you can use a tool that was designed to make printing labels from easy and quick – Maestro Label Designer. If you’ve ordered your labels from, you should have received a free code that will allow you to have access to the program.
  3. Launch Maestro Label Designer by visiting this link and clicking the “Launch Now” button:
  4. Choose the OL model number of the label size you chose and purchased earlier.
  5. Upload the scalable .png file you generated from the nutrition label generator to Maestro by clicking the “Add Images” button. When the new window loads, click the “Upload a New Image +” button and select your .png file from the place you saved it earlier. You’ll know it’s uploaded successfully because it will appear as the first image in the thumbnail section to the right. Click that image and then the “Add Image to Design” button. It will then load into your template and will be ready to adjust.
  6. When you’ve got your design just right, simply click the “Save” icon at the top of Maestro and name your nutrition label with the name of the recipe that corresponds.
  7. The final step is to print the labels by clicking the “Print” icon at the top of Maestro. A new window will pop up and you will have the choice to Print, Save as PDF, or use the Alignment Wizard.

And you can always head on over to the printing tips page for more information or help on printing labels from