Lavender Wedding Confetti

Posted by on June 10, 2019
Lavender Wedding Confetti

Throwing rice at the newly married couple is an old tradition that supposedly brings luck. Nowadays, most wedding venues prohibit this action on account of the negative impact rice has on the environment. No worries, you still have options like this pretty Lavender Wedding Confetti! Packaged in an adorable cone with the perfect label from, this confetti will work great on your wedding day and no birds will die as a result!

To make your own Lavender Wedding Confetti you’re going to need some decorative cardstock paper, bottle neck labels from, and dried lavender. has tons of colors to choose from but these silver foil ones are my absolute favorite. Depending on the size of your wedding ceremony, you may want to looking into purchasing the dried lavender bulk online.

Once you have your supplies ready, begin assembly by printing out the editable Lavender Wedding Confetti labels. I went with the wording “Toss with Love” but you’ll be able to adjust that to whatever you like! You could even add your names and wedding date to the size for the ultimate customization!

With the labels printed, grab a small rectangle (mine was 7″ x 5″) and roll into the shape of a cone. Use one of the labels to hold the cone together.

Now, all you have to do is fill with some of the dried flower buds and your Lavender Wedding Confetti is ready for your big day! Just stack all of these adorable little cones in a box at the exit of your wedding and your guests can grab one as they leave. As you and your spouse walk out, they can easily shower you with luck and the amazing smell of lavender!

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