Free Coffee Wedding Favor Printable

Posted by on June 4, 2019
Free Coffee Wedding Favor Printable

The planning of a wedding or bridal shower can get complicated and expensive. We’ve come up with an inexpensive, personalized and tasty favor idea that your guests will sure be buzzing about.

Coffee is often a very personal taste and ritual. Why not share your favorite coffee blend with your guests? (It also may even come in handy the next morning while your guests are still recovering from the wedding party the evening before.)

Don’t have a favorite blend? Then possibly offer a coffee from where you and your future spouse’s families are from, traveled to, got engaged or even going to on your honeymoon. This personalized touch will help your guests get to know a little more. These special touches are what make the best weddings the best, because they show off the bride and groom’s personalities.

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You can choose either to offer your guests favor bags filled whole coffee beans, coffee grounds or even both. The most important element of these favor bags is the personalized labels that you stick on them. You can design your own or tweak these with the phrases: grounds for celebration, love is brewing and the perfect blend. has a number of different shapes, sizes and colors that you can choose from that will go along with the theme of your wedding or bridal shower. The best part is that you can print these using your home computer. For this particular favor, we used OL5375 – 2″ Circle Labels in standard white. You can also choose to weatherproof matte or gloss inject, which may be nice to the ink won’t smear if water accidentally touches it. If your wedding is environmentally-friendly, we also feature 100% recycled labels as well.

Another idea is to have a coffee bar at your wedding or bridal shower and have a basket of all coffee favor bags nearby that guests can pick from. For the coffee bar, you can include a number of different types of blends, whipped cream, ice cream, rock candy stirrers, liquor, many varieties of creamers, sugars and sprinkles. You can really have fun with it and make it as decadent as you’d like.

Congratulations on your special day!

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