Easy Custom Monogram Cloth Pouch

Posted by on May 31, 2019
Easy Custom Monogram Cloth Pouch

Whether you’re using it for a wedding favor or Father’s Day gift, there is nothing quite so timeless as this little Custom Monogram Cloth Pouch. Filled with customized treats of any sort, this little pouch is the absolute perfect way to make any day special. Plus, you won’t believe how easy it is to customize it!

To make this easy Custom Monogram Cloth Pouch all you need is a few sheets of Iron On Transfer Paper from OnlineLabels.com and some blank pouches available at most craft stores or found online. Depending on the color of your pouches, you’ll have to decide between getting transfer paper meant to be used on light or dark fabrics. Luckily, OnlineLabels.com has both available!

Get the Custom Monogram Layout here!

To customize, just open the file below in Maestro Label Designer and change out the letters to match your initials. I’ve included six different monogram font options but there are a ton of fonts you can choose from on Maestro. Once you’ve figured out which font you like, just print out the monogram on the transfer paper and trim off excess paper from around the edges. Make sure you follow the proper instructions for either light or dark transfer paper.

Now that the monogram has been printed and cut out, lay flat on your cloth pouch and press with an iron according to the instructions. If the paper backing doesn’t pull off easily, go over the transfer again with a hot iron.

Once the transfer is cool to the touch, your Custom Monogram Cloth Pouch is ready to be put to good use! If you’re planning on using this for a wedding, adding a compact mirror or handmade soap bar would make a beautiful favor. Or what about a travel shaving kit if you’re making this for Father’s Day? Whatever you decide to add to this pouch, it’s sure to be put to good use for years to come!

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