Dog Themed Appreciation Gift

Posted by on May 1, 2019
Dog Themed Appreciation Gift

With the end of the school year coming close, I have no doubt in my mind that this Dog Themed Appreciation Gift will come in handy! The great thing about this tutorial is that you can customize both the contents and label for that special teacher or employee. They’re going to think you’re the dog-gone best!

To make this Dog Themed Appreciation Gift you’re going to need a sheet of Dog Bone Labels from, paper milk cartons, black marker, red ribbon, and black construction paper. You can even customize the labels in Maestro Label Designer! Just follow the link below to edit whatever part of the label you want.

Find the Dog Themed Appreciation Gift Labels HERE!

Before we begin putting together the gift, you’re going to want to read the instructions on how to assemble the paper milk carton. Depending on the box you purchase, of course, this step should only take a few minutes. My carton had nine super easy steps to follow and the whole thing was put together in a matter of minutes.

Now that the carton is assembled, let’s start decorating! Tie a piece of the red string around the bottom of the carton and place the dog bone label in the center. Use your marker to draw an easy dog face right above the ribbon. Cut out dog ear shapes and stick in place behind the top fold with double sided tape.

Dog-Gone Best!

With your Dog Themed Appreciation Gift box done, all that’s left to do is fill it with treats and give to that special person! The cardboard milk carton is perfect for small snacks, wrapped candy, or other treats. These boxes are so versatile that you could even add a small gift or gift card. So many wonderful ways you could customize this gift to make it special.

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