Free Miniature Donut Stickers

Posted by on April 23, 2019
Free Miniature Donut Stickers

There are few things that are as adorable as these free miniature “Donut” stickers. I’m going to turn the stickers in the images below into a quick thank you card but from planners to lunch box notes, these cute little stickers can be used anywhere!

To print out your own stickers, all you need is a sheet of hole protectors from and the free file found below. Each sheet comes with 156 labels so I’ve broken them up into three different designs. Just think of all the fun you’ll have using each one of the 156 stickers!

Print the Free Miniature Donuts Stickers HERE!

I absolutely love how tiny these stickers are and yet still so easy to remove thanks to the quality label from I’ve never had a single issue with removing labels from their sheets.

As I mentioned above, you can use these stickers for pretty much anything from planners to decorations. Here’s a super easy idea on how to make a donut-themed thank you card. Just take a blank card and envelope set and begin adding the donut stickers randomly in place.

Once you have a nice placement of stickers on the front of the card just take a pair of sharp scissors and trim away the excess stickers.

You can either use this as a super cute blank card or add “Donut Know What I’d Do Without You” with a fine pen for a thank you card. I’m planning on making a ton of these to just keep on hand for when the occasion calls.

There’s nothing like and handwritten card to really get the point across!

Regardless how you decide to use them, these miniature “Donut” stickers will definitely brighten your day!


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