DIY Mini Easter Baskets

Posted by on April 15, 2019
DIY Mini Easter Baskets

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I really enjoy watching my son hunt for eggs and spending time with my family. We used to have giant Easter egg hunts with all of the kids in the family. Now as the kids are getting older, the hunts are getting smaller, but we still have a lot of fun and really enjoy each other’s company. It’s joyful like Christmas, but without lots of the pressure.

If you’re looking for an adorable idea to make Easter extra special, here’s a simple, non-messy craft project that is so easy to create. It’s sure to make a big splash with the kids, your family and friends. Whether you only need to make a small batch or enough for an entire classroom, this DIY Easter basket will only take a few minutes to make. It’s so easy, that if it’s not a surprise, your kids can get in on the action as well – even the wee little ones.

These mini baskets are great for the classroom, spring parties, Easter egg hunts, Sunday school classes. These would also be great in your kid’s Easter basket. One idea is to substitute these for those plastic eggs and hide these mini baskets around your house or yard for your kiddos to find them.

After sticking the labels on them, fill the to-go containers with plastic or paper Easter basket grass and your chocolates, jelly beans, or favorite candies.

Materials needed:


Step 1: Download free printable and print the labels out on your home inkjet printer.

Step 2: Stick the bunny labels on the mini take-out boxes.

Step 3: Glue the mini pom poms on the bunny’s tail with glue dots. (Told you this project was mess free.)

Step 4: Fill your mini baskets with plastic or paper grass and fill it with your favorite candies.

Project complete!


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