Adult Awards Free Stickers

Posted by on April 1, 2019
Adult Awards Free Stickers

If there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s the fact that being an adult can be difficult at times. That’s why I made these adult awards free stickers! Sometimes you just need a little bit of humor to get you through a hard day of adulting. Print these stickers for yourself or pass out to all your friends and coworkers. You all deserve it!

In order to print your very own adult awards free stickers, you’re going to need a sheet of 2.25″ Starburst Labels from and the free file you can download below. has tons of color options for you to choose from but I highly recommend going with either the metallic gold or silver labels. Because, really? With all that hard adulting you did today, don’t you deserve a shiny metallic badge! They have laser and inkjet printer options so you can be sure of the perfect print. I haven’t used the laser printer version but I’ve done tons of printing on their inkjet metallic paper and love how it looks! My only suggestion is to make sure you print on the highest quality setting to guarantee good ink coverage.

Download the Adult Awards Free Stickers here!

The stickers include options appropriate for all types of adults whether you have children or not:

  • “Changed out of my pajamas today”
  • “Fed the kids three meals”
  • “Didn’t cry in public”
  • “Brushed my teeth today”
  • “Kept the kids alive”
  • “Survived being an adult today”
  • “Didn’t lose my sh*t today”
  • “Folded the laundry today”
  • “Conversed with other adults today”
  • “Adulting: Honorable Mention”
  • “Bought groceries with the kids”
  • “Brushed teeth 4-7 days this week”

Adulting is hard and sometimes you need to celebrate the little things like brushing your teeth or conversing with other adults. Hope these Adult Awards Free Stickers come in handy!

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