Valentine’s Day Dice Game DIY

Posted by on February 6, 2019
Valentine’s Day Dice Game DIY

There are two things in this world that I’m absolutely crazy about: Valentine’s Day and playing games with my kids. I’ll gladly take any excuse to spend time with loved ones! This Valentine’s Day Dice Game DIY is the perfect way to celebrate both. Made with just a couple supplies, you’re going to be surprised how easily this game comes together. Let’s get started!

To make this Valentine’s Day Dice Game you’re going to need a sheet of 1.5″ x 1.5″ square labels from, four 1.5″ cubes, and the free printable file found below. You can either make all four cubes or just pick and choose to make one or two cubes. Also, I highly suggest getting the aggressive adhesive to make sure the labels stay on the wood cubes.

Grab the Valentine’s Day Dice Game file here!

After printing out the labels, all you have to do is remove one and affix it on the side of one cube. Continue adding the labels until all the sides have been covered. I chose to alternate the color of labels on each cube. I’m always amazed at just how great the aggressive adhesive works when trying to stick it to difficult surfaces like unfinished wood. Another option would be to use the standard labels and add some additional spray adhesive to the wood cubes before sticking the labels in place. Choose whichever is easier for you!

Wrap all of the wood cubes with the labels. I love how sweet these Valentine’s Day Dice Game look! I’m planning on keeping this set on the dining room table for spur-of-the-moment play. All the sayings are family-friendly and perfect for fun Valentine’s Day fun! Feel free to adjust any of the sayings if you’re planning on playing this with a significant other. There are tons to different says that would be perfect as a romantic game!


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