Free Candle Party Favor Printables for Teens

Posted by on February 1, 2019
Free Candle Party Favor Printables for Teens

So, your teen is having a party and she/he is really wants to pass out party favors. Here is an idea that will rock their world and won’t break your bank. (Note: Although these particular labels are designed for teens, you can still use this idea for other parties like baby showers, going away parties, bridal showers and, of course, weddings.)

The most important part of this favor is the custom label. When your guests use the candle or even look at it, you want them to remember the party and the good time they had while there. Especially, when it comes to teens, mementos like this are important keepsakes that they collect and treasure.

Everyone is always looking for ways to save money when throwing a party. As a cost-effective way to buy the favors, you can purchase votive candles in bulk on Amazon or pick some up at your local dollar store. 

I designed these labels for both teen boys and girls and without the name of the party host so you can simply print out them out on your home printer. Download them here.

But, you can also easily design your own personalized party label using your teen’s (or bride’s/mom-to-be/guest-of-honor’s) name or relate it to your party’s theme using Maestro Label Designer. There are lots of different fonts and an assortment of clipart images that you can choose from to enhance your custom candle party favor design. You can also make an assortment of coordinated designs, like the example here, and print them all out on one sheet. This way your guests can select on the one that best suits their personality and taste.

When selecting your labels for your candle party favors, use a ruler to measure the height and width of the area that you’d like to label. has so many different sized labels in so many colors and paper options (such as removable, gloss, matte, clear, weatherproof, recycled and even foil). For these labels, I chose OL1502 – 2″ x 1.5″ Rectangle Labels in clear gloss. I chose gloss because I wanted you to be able to see the color of the candle behind the writing. Whatever your design will be, I’m sure it will be amazing and I hope you have a fun party. 

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