Minimal Pocket Free 2019 Calendar

Posted by on January 7, 2019
Minimal Pocket Free 2019 Calendar

Welcome to a brand new year where we’ll all spend the first three months trying to remember to write “2019” instead of “2018.” Listen, people, I totally understand that the struggle is real! That’s why I made this super helpful Minimal Pocket Free 2019 Calendar. It’s small enough to fit on any small desk or shelf so that you have visual reminder of what day it is. I know we all have a calendar on my phone but can you honestly say it looks as nice as this one? I didn’t think so!

The only things you need to print off these Free 2019 Calendars are two sheets of Small Tent Cards from and the free printable file found below. And that’s it! If only everything was this easy, huh?

Free 2019 Calendar Download

The main reason this project is so easy? The perforated edges that are included on the paper from Online Labels! Just a couple folds back and forth and the perforation practically falls apart. No need to get out your scissors or paper cutter!

Once all the pieces are cut and assembled in order, you can either leave this calendar as is or use a stapler to join together.

If you do decide to use a stapler, all you have to do to reveal each new set of months is gently rip the first page away from the others. Because the staples are on the fold, it’s super easy to just pull that top sheet way.

Hope you enjoy this Minimal Pocket Free 2019 Calendar! I’ve already printed out a handful of these to put around the house and to give out as small New Year’s gifts. I’ve left the back side blank so that you can either write a small greeting or apply a business stamp or sticker. I know I would love to receive this cute calendar as a gift!

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