Mylar Balloon 2019 New Year Postcard

Posted by on January 2, 2019
Mylar Balloon 2019 New Year Postcard

If there’s one decoration that made it big in 2018, it would definitely be mylar letter balloons! From birthdays to graduations, weddings to baby showers, those big happy balloons were used for every celebration this year. Let’s continue the fun trend with this Mylar Balloon 2019 New Year Postcard! Perfect for personal or business correspondence, this postcard will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The only thing you need for these free postcards is a few sheets of perforated postcards from and the free Mylar Balloon 2019 New Year Postcard file found below. I absolutely love working with any perforated from! They really make it so easy for us. Just print and separate! I’ve found it easiest to fold the edges back and forth until the perforations split apart by themselves practically. I promise, once you try perforated sheets, you’re going to be hooked!

Download the free file here!

As a small business owner, I love that these New Year postcards are fun but still professional enough to be used in a business setting. I’m planning on sending them to some of the companies I work with to keep me on their list of current bloggers to work with. You can either insert these cards in envelopes or go the super easy postcard route. Just flip over the image, use a ruler to mark a line just the right of center, and fill in the spaces appropriately. Once you slap a postcard stamp in the corner, you’ll be good to go!

I love the idea of wishing friends and coworkers a Happy New Year! Regardless of religious affiliation, everyone can celebrate another 365 rotations around the sun. Plus, in today’s technology-driven society, I always find that a nicely written note really sets one apart from the crowd. Hope you find these Mylar Balloons 2019 New Year Postcards helpful and have a wonderful new year!

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