Kids Activity CD Case

Posted by on December 28, 2018
Kids Activity CD Case

When my boys were little, I always made sure to have small bags of activities in my diaper bag or purse to keep them entertained during our outings. I prefer not giving them electronic screens yet so these little “busy bags” were the perfect solution to keeping everyone happy. My kids are a little older now so they’re really into drawing with dry erase markers so I made this fun kids activity CD case for us to take on the go. Hope it’s helpful for you too!

Making your own Kids Activity CD Case is super easy with the free activity sheets found below, a blank CD case, and some CD insert sheets from There are 8 different activity sheets in the free download but there are so many more options that can be designed either in your computer or by hand. Having the CD insert sheets with the perforated edges makes it super easy to just freehand an activity sheet that you think your kids might enjoy. Also, don’t forget to throw a few blank ones in the CD case so the kids can have free draw time.

Free Kids Activity CD Case Sheets!

Thanks to the perforated edges on the sheets, making this project couldn’t be any easier. You pretty much just have to print and tear.

Once you’re happy with the sheets to include in your kids activity CD case, just insert them into the front lid and close.

Now you have something to entertain the little ones when waiting at a doctor’s office, restaurant, or church. Just pull out this little CD case, grab a dry erase marker, and your kids will totally be entertained! I love that this activity case is small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag without adding to the bulk. Happy kids, happy parents … and all without the use of a computer screen. I’d consider that a win/win!

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