Santa Delivery Foil Gift Labels

Posted by on December 13, 2018
Santa Delivery Foil Gift Labels

My kids are still pretty young so we’re still doing the full on Santa thing over here. They’re also old enough to question why Santa has the same wrapping paper and labels as we do so we’ve had to get a bit creative. Santa now has his very own gift wrap supplies that only come out when the kids are fast asleep. I designed these free Santa delivery foil labels for exactly that purpose! They have an empty space for Santa to write in kids’ names and look oh-so fancy in gold.

I’m absolutely in love with these gold foil labels from I used 4″ x 2″ shipping labels but they carry both gold and silver foil for tons of their labels. I ordered my labels to be used with my inkjet printer. The only thing I have to suggest when printing out these labels is that you may want to change your setting to “high quality.” This guaranteed that my labels came out nice and dark. Once printed, set the sheet aside so that the ink can dry completely before using.

Get the Free Santa Delivery Foil Labels HERE!

Once you’re sure that the ink has dried completely on the foil labels, all you have to do is use a permanent marker to fill in the space with your child’s name. You could also pull the file into an editing program and fill in their name with a script font if your kids are really clever and you’re worried they’ll recognize your handwriting!

Now you’ve got the perfect labels to stick on all your Christmas gifts!

I can’t wait for you guys to check out how gorgeous this gold foil is! I mean, is it really such a surprise that Santa would have gold foil labels? Only the best for the big guy! Hope you all enjoy these labels and have a wonderful holiday season.


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