Christmas Beer Labels + Reindeer Beer Bottle Craft + Free Printables

Posted by on December 12, 2018
Christmas Beer Labels + Reindeer Beer Bottle Craft + Free Printables

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Here is an idea (I’m actually going to gift this to my oldest brother for Christmas…shhhhh!!!), give ‘em their favorite six-pack or in my case a box of assorted beer. If you want to add the extra Christmas cheer to the gift, make your own beer labels or simply print out the ones I designed. 

In my case, I was considering buying my brother a nice cooler to put all of the beer in. Then, I thought about it again. He is a no-fuss type of guy, so I decided just to wrap a sturdy box and fill it with beer. I mean, it will bring him lots of cheer.

If you want to make it extra fun, you can also turn your six-pack into reindeer (a.k.a. reinbeer). This little amount of effort will put a warm smile on your loved-one’s face.

When picking out the material for your labels for this project, I suggest going with the weatherproof ones (these are weatherproof gloss inkjet). The reason why I like weatherproof labels is because water and condensation won’t make the ink run. 



Step 1: To remove the existing label off of the beer bottle, soak the bottles in a bucket, tub or pot of water. (I left mine in the water for about two hours and the labels easily peeled off.)

Step 2: Print out labels from your home printer.

Step 3: Once you remove the previous labels and dried the bottles completely, stick the new labels on the bottle.

TIP:Here is a trick to make sure your labels are even on every bottle. Place one bottle that is already labeled side-by-side with one that has yet to be labeled. This way you can stick the label on the new bottle and have the same spacing as the original. 

Rein-beer Bottle Craft

Follow above steps 1-3.

Step 4: Cut three pieces of pipe cleaner. Two pieces should be 2” and the other should be 6-7.” Make antler shapes with the pipe cleaner by twisting a 2” piece to the ends of the larger pipe cleaner. 

Step 5:Wrap the large pipe cleaner around the top of the bottle. 

Step 6: Use mess-free glue dots to glue googly eyes and pom-pom nose to the bottle’s neck. 

It’s that easy!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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