5 Ways to Organize Your Home Using Labels

Posted by on November 29, 2018
5 Ways to Organize Your Home Using Labels

I don’t know about you but I can always be a little more organized. It is inevitable, clutter happens. I’m going through an organizational phase at the moment. I’m trying to declutter my kitchen and home from all that random stuff that accumulates on the counters, especially. In my house, that means mismatched vitamin bottles, unsightly bags of smoothie powders, jumbled up cords and ugly dog treat bags

As you scroll through your Pinterest feed, you see all of those organized families that label everything from their cotton balls in their bathrooms to their soap in their laundry room. It’s always so dreamy to me, but is it realistic? I’m trying it out for myself. For the past week, my husband and I have started to label things in our kitchen. So far, the counters are starting to be a bit more organized. (I’ll be honest, though, we have a little way to go.) But, we are doing it.

The first thing we started with was all of our powders for our morning smoothies and coffee. Onlinelabels.com has an assortment of black chalkboard labels that are amazing. We are using the OL3300CB 3.5” x 2” Fancy Chalkboard Labels for this particular part of our organizational project.

Want to know more about using chalkboard labels to organize your pantry or kitchen? Click here.

The next project I wanted to tackle was our dog Miso’s treats and food. Since we rescued him six months ago, we just had his treat and dog food bags on the counter. It was so ugly and driving me crazy. So, I decided to put them in jars too and label them with the OL3300CB 3.5” x 2” Fancy Chalkboard Labels as well.

Next, my husband and I focused our vitamins. Now, as a disclaimer, we are health nerds, so we have a lot of vitamins and supplements. Each of the bottles were different sizes, shapes and colors. Plus, it was taking up so much space on the counter. So, I had the brilliant idea of unifying all of the vitamins and put them in a lazy Susan spice rack. I labeled these OL2088 1.5” Circle Labels. I hand wrote the words on the labels. If you want to make it more unified, you can always use Maestro Label Designer.

We then decided to work on our cleaning solutions. Really, we don’t have that many (we try to live in a chemical-free house), so we really only use vinegar to clean. So, instead of having to have that giant bottle of vinegar on the counter sometimes, I decided to put some in a spray bottle and label it using OL5375 2” Circle Labels.

The last project that we have worked on so far (more will be happening this weekend, I’m sure), are some cords that are all over the place. So, we neatly tied them up (you can use a pipecleaner or twist tie or whatever you have on hand). Then labeled them using OL875 – 2.625” x 1” Labels.

So, next time you’re in the mood to organize, order some labels and declutter for yourself. It actually feels pretty amazing.

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