Easy Pizza Party Banner

Posted by on November 13, 2018
Easy Pizza Party Banner

There are few things in this world my 9 year old loves more than pizza. Just one look of that cheesy goodness on soft dough, can you really blame him? That’s why it was no surprise when we asked what kind of birthday party he wanted, that he replied, “Pizza Party!” I was initially worried about how I was going to decorate for his party but it turns out 9 year old boys don’t really want their mother to go crazy on decorations. Instead, we’ll have a handful of friends over to make their own pizzas while watching movies. Of course, I had to make this super easy pizza party banner too. Don’t worry, he already gave the approval for me to hang it over the birthday cake table!

Items needed to make this easy Pizza Party Banner:

Step 1. Use a ruler to measure 2″ down from the top of one of your Kraft paper labels. Cut up to the marked lines to create a triangle.

Step 2. Using the kraft paper as a template. Cut another triangle shape out of the red full sheet label. Trim slightly with wavy lines to create “pizza sauce.” Remove the protective backing from the red sheet and, matching the top border, stick in place over craft paper.

Step 3. Again, use kraft paper to cut a triangle from the tan full sheet label. Trim even more than you did with the red paper to create “pizza cheese.” Remove protective backing and stick in place over “sauce.”

Step 4. Remove red circle stickers and randomly place on pizza slice. I found that 5 “pepperoni slices” worked perfectly!

Step 5. Use a black marker to color in the small hole protectors and place randomly all over pizza slice.

Step 6. The final ingredient? Green bell pepper slices! Just trim the CD spine labels to small 1/2″ sections and stick in place.

Step 7. Cut another triangle out of the entire sheet of kraft paper and stick to the back of the assembled pizza slice. Cut the top portion to resemble a pizza crust, place a piece of ribbon in between, and fold over to secure.

Step 8. Repeat steps 1-7 until your banner is the desired size. Hang and enjoy!

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