Personalized Printable Goal Tracker

Posted by on October 31, 2018
Personalized Printable Goal Tracker

Whether you’re trying to track a goal for your work, sports team, or family, this personalized goal tracker free print will help make sure you reach it! The free file found below includes both the blank chart and the stickers to fill in each step along the way to finally completing your goal. You totally got this!

As I mentioned above, the personalized goal tracker free print includes both the blank goal tracker thermometer as well as the filled in portion to be printed on this sheet of labels from There are sections on both pages that you can write in each level you reach as you’re trying to get to the final goal. There’s even some helpful encouragement to get you there.

The first page of the goal tracker should be printed on just normal paper. Cardstock from is a great option. There’s a section at the top of the page to fill in your goal amount. I used a dollar amount in the example below but you can also write in a non-monetary goal like “300 new members” or “go to bed on time during the month of October.” Whatever your goal is, this personalized tracker can help you reach it!

You can either fill in each individual level before tracking your goal or as you get there. The stickers and levels match the amount of the thermometer that’s filled so both options work.

Continue watching your thermometer fill as you get closer and closer to meeting your goal. The final sticker shows that your goal has been completed. How fun is it going to be to add that last one!

Being able to track the progress toward a goal will be so helpful for your team, family, or just yourself. Seeing the thermometer fill up all the way until your goal is completed will help keep your motivation high. Best of luck!

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