3 Ways to Customize Magnet Labels for Your Business, Wedding, and Home

Posted by on October 30, 2018
3 Ways to Customize Magnet Labels for Your Business, Wedding, and Home

One of the best ways to keep in front of someone’s mind is with magnets that people can simply stick on their refrigerator door. Potential customers look at your advertisement every time they open up the refrigerator and wedding guests can be reminded of your big day all the time.

Some local businesses that could benefit from magnets are services like plumbing, landscaping, realtors and housecleaning. Restaurants that offer delivery services also could benefit from advertising magnets.

Now you can stick in their minds and on their refrigerator door because OnlineLabels.com offers magnets that you can print out at home or office.

Another way to use printable magnets are as “Save the Dates” for your wedding. Guests love to receive these in the mail. They also only take a few minutes to print out. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to let your guests know they will be soon receiving an invitation to your big party. It’s customary to send save the date notifications six to eight months in advance of the big day.

You can also make refrigerator magnets to help your family stay organized. Is your refrigerator cluttered with notes, bills and your kid’s art? Ive created a bunch of magnets to help you remember what needs to get done and also to show off your kiddo’s latest art piece. Some of the magnets say things like “to buy,” “to call,” “to do,” “to pay,” and “to file.” If you organize bills and shopping lists on your refrigerator, you may be able to establish the routine you’ve always been looking for. You can also place these reminder labels on your metal filing cabinets as well.

Download the printable below and simply print or you can customize your own using Maestro Label Designer.

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