Alpaca Coloring Page

Posted by on October 29, 2018
Alpaca Coloring Page

You may have noticed that alpacas are all the rage right now and honestly, one look at these adorable creatures and you totally understand why. From backpacks to t-shirts, pillows to artwork, alpacas are enjoying their time in the spotlight! I thought it would be fun to make an alpaca coloring page for you, your kids, or your students to enjoy. The free file below comes with a fully colored alpaca that can be decorated with a black-and-white blanket label that you can color in yourself.

Preparing for this project is easy, you’ll need markers, the free Alpaca Coloring Page file, and some large oval labels from As I mentioned above, the alpaca page comes in color and the “blanket” print comes in black in white. You’re more than welcome to print the alpaca out in black in white as well if you’re trying to save on ink.

Once everything has been printed, just grab some colorful markers and begin coloring in all the shapes of the blanket. Some of the pieces are pretty small so take your time and really enjoy the process.

Once the “blanket” label has been colored in, grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut out the alpaca page. Careful with your fingers!

Remove the “blanket” label from it’s protective backing and fold over the back of the alpaca. Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever?

There are so many different ways to put this adorable project to good use: apply some strong double-sided tape to the back and attach to a school binder or locker, assemble a few alpacas with some twine for a garland, or just write a quick note on the back for what may be the cutest note card ever! Hope you, your kids, or your students enjoy coloring an alpaca of their own!

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