Gravestone Halloween Gift Boxes

Posted by on October 11, 2018
Gravestone Halloween Gift Boxes

One of my favorite things about Halloween is that it’s a good excuse to be a bit over-the-top with your decor! I’ve decided to go all in with these gravestone Halloween gift boxes that would be perfect for any Halloween get-together. A little bit humorous and a little bit scary. Your party guest are going to die when they see these.

To make these gravestone Halloween gift boxes you’re just going to need some Arched Top Rectangle labels from, a few empty boxes of mac and cheese, and the free “Gravestone Halloween Gift Boxes” file.

With your labels printed and ready to go, remove one and stick it to the front of the recycled box. Mine fit almost perfectly but you can always wrap the sides of the “gravestone” around the edge if necessary.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to carefully remove the excess cardboard. If you don’t want the box wording to show the back you can either paint over everything or use more labels to cover up the rest.

Continue making the gravestone gift boxes until you have enough for your Halloween shindig! There are four different designs on each sheet so each guest is sure to enjoy their box.

You can fill the boxes with almost anything as long as it fits in the narrow compartment. I added some store-bought cookies to mine but you could also do a pencil and notepad for a sugar-free version.

Hope you enjoy making these gravestone Halloween gift boxes!

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