Halloween Ghost Lollipops With Free Labels

Posted by on October 5, 2018
Halloween Ghost Lollipops With Free Labels

If you’re looking for a super easy Halloween treat to pass out to your students, co-workers, or friends, these Halloween ghost lollipops are absolutely perfect for you! They only require a few inexpensive materials to make and with the free labels found below, can be finished in just seconds. Plus, who wouldn’t love to get one of these super cute little ghosts? It’s a boo-tiful way to show you care.

To make these cute Halloween ghost lollipops, you’re going to need lollipops, tissues, twine, and the free “Boo!” labels to be printed on a sheet of jewelry tags from OnlineLabels.com. I used Dum Dum lollipops in this tutorial because of how inexpensive they are but, depending on how many you need to gift, you can always splurge on fancier ones too.

I absolutely love every label I’ve made with OnlineLabels.com’s foil paper! The labels print beautifully every time. Plus, you get so many “Boo!” labels with this sheet of jewelry tags. So even if you’ve got the largest classroom or tons of co-workers, you’ll definitely have enough labels to go around.

Making the actual ghost lollipop is easy! Just place the lollipop in the center of a tissue sheet, gather around the base of the “head,” and secure with a piece of string. I went with a cute orange and white baker’s twine but any string or ribbon will work.

Attach the “Boo!” sticker to the side of one string and fold on itself to secure. Done and done!

You can either leave the Halloween ghost lollipops bare or use a black marker to quickly add some face details. I actually liked the way both looked so it’s totally up to you.

If you’re pinched for time and/or supplies, you could always forgo the ghost part of this tutorial and just add the cute labels directly to the lollipop stick. Hope you enjoy these labels either way!

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