Celebration Chocolate Chain

Posted by on October 4, 2018
Celebration Chocolate Chain

Whether it’s a birthday, job promotion, or test day, I’m a big fan of giving small treats to help celebrate a big day. One of my favorite things to give is something I like to call a “celebration chocolate chain.” Basically, it’s just a line of mini-chocolate packages taped together and hung on the gift recipient’s door. I’ve upped the ante a bit with this tutorial by including decorative labels that spell out “Oh Happy Day” and also designed a variety of tags to staple everything to.

To make your own celebration chocolate chain, you’ll need a sheet of cardstock, this sheet from OnlineLabels.com, some individually wrapped chocolates, washi tape, a small piece of twine or ribbon, and the free “Celebration Chocolate Chain” file. The file comes with one page to print out on the labels and another with four different tag designs including “Happy Birthday,” “Best of Luck,” “Congrats,” and “Just Because.”

After the labels have been printed, remove one label at a time to wrap around the center of the individually wrapped chocolate. Continue wrapping around chocolates until all the labels have been used (12 chocolates).

Lay out the chocolates to spell out “Oh Happy Day” and attach together with small strips of washi tape.

Now that you’ve created the actual chain, cut out the appropriate gift tag and fold along center crease.

Use a stapler to attach the tag to the top of the first chocolate.

Slide a small piece of ribbon or twine through the top of the tag and tie a knot to create a loop. Your celebration chocolate chain is officially done!

Now, all you have to do is hang the chocolate chain from your kid’s, friend’s, co-worker’s, or neighbor’s door as a cute and easy way to celebrate their big day. Enjoy!

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