Vinyl Care Instruction Labels

Posted by on August 30, 2018
Vinyl Care Instruction Labels

If you love working with vinyl and a cutting machine, eventually you’re going to want to start making custom vinyl gifts for friends and family. Who wouldn’t love to receive a personalized travel mug or water bottle, right? Inevitably, those gifts are going to need a little bit of explanation on how to properly care for them. That’s where these vinyl care instruction labels come in handy! You can add them to any mug or bottle to perfectly explain what the gift-recipient should and should not do with their new vinyl gift. Hope they come in handy!

I wanted to make sure that these labels were clearly visible so I used the awesome gold foil starburst labels from They’ve got a great shine to them without compromising the printing quality. There are 12 labels to a page so you can print off more than enough stickers to last you quite a while. I’m planning on print off a few sheets in anticipation for Christmas gift giving!

Click here for Free Vinyl Care Instruction Labels

Once printed, all you have to do is apply the sticker to your mug or glass and you’re good to go! I like the way these look on the bottom of the cup but you could also put them on the front or even on outer packaging. I love the contrast of the gold foil against the blue plastic! And in case you’re worried, the label adhesive pulled off of the plastic perfectly. No little pieces of torn label were left on the cup. I hate it when that happens.

Hope you find these vinyl care instruction labels as useful as I do. The starburst labels from are the perfect way to make sure your gift recipients know how to care for their new vinyl goodies. I just know they’ll want to take perfect care of all the adorable vinyl creations you gift them.

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