Easy Back To School Student Gift

Posted by on August 1, 2018
Easy Back To School Student Gift

A new school year is coming up and parents aren’t the only ones planning back-to-school gifts! Even with all the responsibilities and extra expenses, teachers still find it in their hearts to give little welcome gifts to their students. Ranging from pencils to popcorn and everything in between, these little presents are a perfect way to break the ice. I made these fun “This year is going to RULE” stickers that will make teachers’ jobs even easier! Just peel and stick these cute stickers for an almost instant back to school student gift!

The only supplies needed to make this gift are labels from OnlinesLabels.com, the free file found below, and small gifts. I went with bars of chocolate but really there are limitless options! I love the idea of sticking these to pencils or to the front of inexpensive notepads. You could even stick them to the outside of baggies and then fill with trail mix or crackers. Seriously. There are so many ways to use these labels!

Click here for the FREE Back To School Student Gift File

Each sheet of labels comes with 12 stickers per page so depending on the number of students you have, you many need to only print out a few sheets. I love how these narrow labels look on a bar of chocolate and if you buy them in bulk, can be a reasonably priced “New School Year” gift!

I made these stickers to help teachers with a quick and easy back to school student gift but they’re also useful if you’re a parent trying to ready their child for the new school year. Or, they’d be great stuck to a teacher’s gift from a new student. I purposely designed them to be somewhat vague so that anyone could use and enjoy them. Hope you like these labels and have a wonderful school year!

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