DIY Seed Packets for Party/Wedding Favors or Gifts

Posted by on July 5, 2018
DIY Seed Packets for Party/Wedding Favors or Gifts

One of my favorite things about spring is that I’m able to spend more time outside digging in my garden. Over the years, a lot of friends confide in me that they wish that they could garden too. With this easy DIY seed packet project, I can share the gift of gardening in a pretty little packet.

Not only do these seeds make great “just because gifts,” they also make totally adorable and inexpensive party and wedding favors. Think about it: You can purchase ready-made wedding favors or do it yourself for a fraction of the price. All you need are mini envelopes that match your wedding or party’s color palette, seeds that you can buy in bulk and, of course, labels.

I created these labels using’s Maestro Designer. It had all of the veggie clip art that I used for these labels. When I saw the clip art pictures, I knew they’d be perfect for my seed packet design.

You can custom create labels to match your wedding or party theme and use whatever type of seeds you’d like. You can choose to give seeds of your favorite flower (or a flower that your future spouse gave you on your first date) or your favorite fruit or vegetables. If you are going to custom create your own labels for these seed packets, make sure you share what type of seeds are included in the packet, plus any type of special instructions if any are needed to plant the seeds.

Supplies needed:


diy seed packets -

Step 1: Print out the free downloadable printables.

diy seed packets -

Step 2: Place labels on the front of the envelope.

diy seed packets -

Step 3: Place seeds inside the envelope.

diy seed packets -

Step 4: Place the back label on the back of the envelope.


It’s that easy. Project complete!

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