DIY Coloring Page T-Shirt

Posted by on July 3, 2018
DIY Coloring Page T-Shirt

Here’s a super easy way to take a coloring page and transfer it to a t-shirt so that you can enjoy wearing your art. You can either make this for yourself or include it with some permanent markers for the perfect tween gift.

To make your own coloring page t-shirt you’re going to need a sheet of iron-on transfer paper for dark fabrics from, some permanent markers, and a t-shirt. I know it doesn’t make sense that I’m using transfer paper for dark fabrics on a white t-shirt but I think it takes the permanent ink better than the standard transfer paper. I just love how vibrant the colors are on the solid white background!

Once you’ve found a coloring page that you want to transfer to a t-shirt, just print it out on the iron-on transfer paper. Since we’re using the one for dark fabrics, make sure that you don’t mirror the image like you usually do for transfer paper. Just print it out normally and you’ll be good! Once printed, I like to trim off as much of the blank transfer paper as possible.

Remove the protective paper backing from the trimmed transfer paper. I’m going to warn you, this step is surprisingly tricky. I’ve found that stretching a small section of one of the corners helps.

Center the transfer on a white t-shirt, cover with a protective sheet of fabric, and then apply heat for a 10 seconds until entire piece is securely transferred.

Once the t-shirt is cool to the touch, you can begin to add the color!

I love how you can hardly tell that this coloring book t-shirt is made with an iron-on transfer paper. Again, this is a super fun project that you could include in a DIY gift for a teenager or tween. Of course, you can just make one for yourself. Either way, hope you enjoy!

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