Modern Geometric Shape Animal Art Craft

Posted by on June 27, 2018
Modern Geometric Shape Animal Art Craft

If you’ve ever looked for modern art, you know just how expensive it can be. I’m here to show you a super easy way to make your own that can be customized to fit your existing decor. I loved using the fluorescent triangle stickers from but they have tons of different color options to choose from. They even have metallic stickers that can make this project super glam. What about primary colors for a little boy or girl’s play room? Seriously, there are just so many way to make this project totally YOU!

Making your own modern geometric shape animal art is super easy. All you need are some triangle stickers from and a silhouette of the animal you want to cut out printed on heavy cardstock. My boys are crazy into dinosaurs right now so I found this silhouette of a triceratops online and printed it out. Don’t worry if the resolution isn’t super high. You just need the edges to be crisp enough to follow with your scissors. You’ll see exactly what I mean in a few steps!

Grab your printed silhouette on cardstock and flip to the blank side of the paper. Begin placing the stickers on the corresponding space as where the printed animal is on the other side. You may need to hold the page up to the light occasionally to make sure you’re covering the animal completely.

Continue placing all the stickers until the entire animal on the backside of the paper is covered.

Flip the page to the printed silhouette side and begin trimming around the animal shape. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, modern art never is!

After the shape has been cut out completely, you can determine how you want to display it. I applied double sided tape to the back and placed on a shadow box frame. Another option would be to just slip inside of your standard picture frame and hang. You can even glue this to a piece of wood and cut out the shape with a router. So many options to show off your new art!

Hope you enjoy making this modern geometric shape animal art for yourself!



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