How to Label Bath Bombs to Gain Exposure and Sales

Posted by on March 15, 2018
How to Label Bath Bombs to Gain Exposure and Sales

All over online stores and even within local shops, you’re finding amazing bath bombs that have customers coming back time and time again. If you’re looking to break into the market or improve your product packaging, we have some labeling tips you don’t want to miss!

Here are a few ways that you can label your bath bomb products with a design that allows them to stand out for a potential increase in sales and exposure.

Ways to Label Bath Bombs

Labeling Bath Bombs

1. Individual Boxes

Using clear boxes and labels to package bath bombs

When selling individual bath bombs, place each in a clear box. Attach a label to the top of the box that provides the product details and let the box do the rest! It’s an eye-catching and gorgeous way to put your bath bombs on display during an event, pop-up shop, or at your store.

Label used: OL2088WX 1.5″ Circle Labels

Download this design by clicking the image below:

2. Using Tags

Labeling bath bombs using a tag.

If boxes aren’t a part of your branding, how about trying a clear bag? Close and seal the bag by tying a tag right above the bath bomb with the product information. This is a great way for customers to also keep the bath bomb details for future purchases by being able to remove the tag.

Label used: OL3491KW 2″ by 2″ Tag

Download this design by clicking the image below:

3. Clear Packaging

Using wrap around labels for bath bombs.

For simple packaging, use a clear wrap to seal your bath bombs and place a label on each one. The look of a label going all around the bath bomb will certainly catch the eye of customers. This also allows you to place multiple bath bombs in a bowl when displaying them on a table.

Label used: OL2515WX Rectangular Labels

Download this design by clicking the image below:

4. Boxed Set

Creating and labeling a package of bath bombs.

Some customers only buy a few at a time while others want as many as they can get their hands on. Provide a boxed set of bath bombs for those that like to go home with a variety. Wrap each bath bomb in tissue paper and place the name of the bath bomb on top using a label. Excitement for this product will intensify as soon as the customer opens their box. It’s almost like picking out your favorite chocolate but you don’t have to look under the lid to see which one you picked.

Label used: OL1025WX 1″ Circle Labels

Download this design by clicking the image below:

Added Bonus: Promoting Re-orders

Adding labels as a reminder to re-order

For those customers that order a boxed set, make it easy for them to re-order through smart labeling. What exactly do I mean? Attach a label to the box underneath each bath bomb. This will help the customers remember which bath bombs they loved and inspire them to re-order. No more forgetting favorite smells and wondering which one they picked after taking the labeled tissue off the bath bomb.

Label used: OL5375WX 2″ Circles

Download this design by clicking the image below:

Although these ideas are specifically showcasing bath bombs labels, challenge yourself and think of how you can apply these packaging ideas for your own product if yours happens to be something different. Make sure to tag us on social media at @OnlineLabels so we can see how you package your bath bombs. Happy labeling!

Labeling Bath Bombs


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  1. Eileen O'Connor

    I have started using similar designs and have some of the sizes of online labels mentions. The photos are beautiful trying to get my photos to look as good. It would be helpful to know the size of the box that you show with 12 bath bombs in tissue paper. I love the look of the all but shipping in the right size would be helpful.
    Thanks so much

  2. Marley

    The size of the box for 12 bath bombs would really depend on the size of your particular bath bombs. Some people make 2″ bath bombs, others may make 2.5″ or some other size. Only you can determine the size box you’ll need for the idea shown here.

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