Create St. Patrick’s Day Covers for Your Home

Posted by on February 15, 2018
Create St. Patrick’s Day Covers for Your Home

Ever since I discovered affordable pillow covers, I’ve started designing and placing more throw pillows in my home. It creates a welcoming home atmosphere while adding design. Plus, it’s a great way to change up your home decor without spending a lot of money. With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, this is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

DIY St. Patrick's Pillows-2078

Today’s post is showing you how you can create two throw pillows for under $20 with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Maybe you’re the type that doesn’t like to go all out for this holiday but these pillows would be the perfect touch. Then, there’s the chance you’ve been searching for the perfect pillows and couldn’t find them until now. Because even if you’re not a fan of this particular design, you can create your own design using Maestro Label Designer and this post as a guide to create your own festive pillows. Either way, these pillows are so easy to make that you’ll have them ready and displayed in your home in no time! Here’s how you can create your own set of St. Patrick’s Day pillow covers.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Pillow Covers


OL362HL Iron-On Transfer Paper Light
Two linen pillow covers  (I used 18 x 18 pillow covers. The design in this post can work for smaller and larger pillow covers.)
2 pillow forms if you don’t already have a set
Large Shamrock Design
Multiple Shamrocks Design


1. Print your design on the front of the transfer paper (the back has the blue lines). Maestro Label Designer will print the design backward for you. This will allow the design to be ironed onto the fabric the correct way. Download the two designs by clicking the images below.


2. Cut the excess paper around the design leaving a quarter of an inch around the image.

Cut the excess material from around your design. -2038

3. Place your pillow cover on a towel that’s on a hard, smooth surface. Place the image face down on the desired location of the pillow cover and turn the iron on a high setting. Move the iron over the transfer paper in various directions for at least a minute.

Iron the trasnfer paper for about 1 minute. -2048

4. Allow the transfer paper to cool to the touch and slowly peel off the backing. If you peel it off too soon, parts of the image will not adhere to the fabric.

Slowly peel back the transfer paper. -2058

Tips and tricks:

When applying the large shamrock, instead of placing it on the center of the pillow cover, offset it by placing it on one of the corners. For example, I placed the large shamrock on the lower right corner of my pillow cover.

DIY St. Patrick's Pillow with Large Shamrock-2065

For the smaller shamrocks, I scattered them throughout the pillow cover. I started in the lower right corner with them closely gathered together. As I worked my way to the upper left corner of the pillow cover, I put fewer and fewer as I went.

DIY St. Patrick's Pillow with small shamrocks-2068

This is such a quick home decor project for St. Patrick’s Day! All you need to do now is place your pillow form inside the pillow cover. It’s such a great way to add a variety of pillows to your home without taking up a lot of storage. When you’re ready to switch your pillow covers after St. Patrick’s Day, simply fold and place them in a closet. What pillow cover design will you be creating next?


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