Flamingo Easy Kids Craft

Posted by on February 13, 2018
Flamingo Easy Kids Craft

This easy-to-make flamingo craft is perfect for a Valentine’s Day classroom project! They’re easy to make with only a few basic craft supplies, including these  super fun heart labels from OnlineLabels.com. Kids love transforming a simple heart into at flamingo while the adults love just how easy these are to make!

The only materials you’ll need are these heart labels from OnlineLabels.com, one pink pipe cleaner, pink crepe paper, glue, and a black marker. You can substitute out the pink crepe paper for just normal construction paper.

To begin, remove one heart and place it on the table adhesive side. Trim the pipe cleaner and shape into legs. Press into the adhesive side of the heart sticker.

Take the extra piece you cut off of the pipe cleaner and shape into flamingo neck. Press into adhesive in the same place pictured below.

With pipe cleaner extensions in place, take another pink heart label and stick in place, sandwiching the pipe cleaners in between.

Take the third heart label and fold in half over the edge of the “neck “pipe cleaner.

Use scissors to trim away excess paper from the folded heart, into the shape of a flamingo head.

Cut a wing shape from the pink crepe paper and stick in place with glue. Remember, if crepe paper isn’t readily available, you can also use a piece of pink construction paper or just another piece of a cut up heart label. I liked the way the pink crepe paper looked against the bright pink body but you definitely don’t have to do it my way!

All that’s left to do to finish is add some detail to the face and enjoy! I added an adhesive backed googly eye but you can always just draw an eye as well. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent crafting with just one kid or a teacher making these with 20 other kids, these fun little flamingos are sure to be a big hit!

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