“You’re Sweet” Last Minute Valentine Candy Labels

Posted by on February 8, 2018
“You’re Sweet” Last Minute Valentine Candy Labels

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m a huge fan of giving sweet little gifts to practically everyone in my life! I mean, who says Valentine’s Day can only celebrate romantic love? What about the love between best friends, siblings, or really great co-workers? That being said, I’m absolutely terrible at remembering to do something nice for my husband much less my sister or best friend. No worries, I have the perfect solution! I’m going to print off a sheet of these “You’re Sweet” last minute Valentine candy labels to keep with me at all times so that I’m ready to give a little gift of love whenever necessary. All I have to do is pair with some candy and I’m good to go!

As you can see in the picture below, there is a wide variety of sweets you could pair with the “You’re Sweet” labels. Even if you’d like to give the gift to someone with sugar restrictions on their diet. Just make sure to find diabetic-friendly treats that use sugar alternatives. Having these labels printed and ready to go means that you could even run into a convenience store to get a perfectly “sweet” Valentine’s Day gift for that super nice bank teller or dentist receptionist!

I designed the labels to be printed on OnlineLabels.com small rectangular labels and they’re a perfect fit! They’re wide enough to fit around most types of candy containers and still thin enough that they’ll fit lengthwise on most candy bars. You could even wrap these around cupcake containers or soda bottles. We all know someone who’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift would be a Diet Coke can with one of these labels!

Download the “You’re Sweet” Last Minute Valentine Candy Label HERE!

I hope you find these quick and easy labels as helpful as I will! I made sure to leave a “from” section on the label for you to customize with your name. It’s nice to know that some gifts really are as easy as buying a candy bar, peeling a label, signing your name, and gifting to your favorite Valentine. Enjoy!

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