Kids’ Finished Book List With Free Vintage Book Spine Printable

Posted by on February 6, 2018
Kids’ Finished Book List With Free Vintage Book Spine Printable

I’ve been a lifelong lover of books for as long as I can remember so it should be no surprise that I want my kids to enjoy reading as well. There are so many articles that have advice on how to raise readers but one of the hints that I find is most common is to document the completion of each book on a list. That way your kids can look back on their reading accomplishments with pride. I made these realistic book stickers to use on your own kids’ finished book list. Hope you enjoy!

These stickers only require two things, VHS Spine Labels from and the free Vintage Book Spine labels I designed just for this post. I love the look of antique books so I left the book spine in their original state with the exception of adding a blank section to write in each book your kid has read. Don’t you just love how real these stickers look?

To assemble your kids’ finished book list, just write “Books I’ve Read” at the top of a piece of paper and begin “stacking” the book stickers as your child completes them. If you’re planning on documenting a whole year or if your child is an avid reader, you may want to use a larger sheet of paper to adhere the stickers. You could even mimic the look of a bookshelf with books stacked and leaning on each other. I’d love to see how that looks!

There are so many factors that lead to children becoming lifelong readers but this can definitely help them. Who doesn’t love to see a completed list of their hard work? Hope you find this project useful for you and your children. With enough labels from and the free book spine printable, you’ll be able to chart an entire library!

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