Lavender Bath Salts with Free Label

Posted by on January 30, 2018
Lavender Bath Salts with Free Label

After a busy holiday season, there’s nothing more calming or necessary than soaking in a hot bath to release all of your tensions and worry. These lavender bath salts are the perfect way to help you chill out in the new year. I’ve even included a free label design to use if you’re planning on gifting some to a good friend. Wouldn’t these make absolutely wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts? Hope you enjoy making them!

Making these lavender bath salts is as easy as could be! All you’ll need to make your own are some plain bath salts (Epsom, sea salt, etc), purple soap dye, lavender essential oil, and a container. You can make your packaging look super professional with these labels from and the free “Lavender Bath Salts” label I designed.

To make the actual bath salts, just mix the soap dye and essential oil into the salts. The exact ratio is up to you based on how strong you want the salts to be but I usually go with five drops of soap dye and 20 drops of essential oil per three cups of salts.

Once you’re happy with the look and scent of your salts, just pour them into your desired container and thoroughly tighten the lid to seal. I’m planning on giving these as Valentine’s Day gifts so I used a label that would also seal the package by adhering to both the container and the lid. Use a larger container that the labels can fit on horizontally if you don’t want the sealing option.

Add a simple hemp twine bow around the rim for a nice final touch! I love giving gifts that are both pretty and practical. This totally fits the bill! Whether you’re making these to give to a friend, sell them online, or planning on putting them to good use for yourself, I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

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