Handmade Cloth Tags

Posted by on January 11, 2018
Handmade Cloth Tags

If you’re a fan of sewing or knitting gifts for your friends and family, then you definitely understand wanting to add a label to your creations. All your hard work and dedication definitely deserves its own label! Here’s a super easy way to make handmade cloth tags with just a few supplies. I’ve included a free “Handmade With Love” printable file but you could easily customize this tutorial to make personalized labels of your own!

Making your own homemade cloth tags is super easy with Iron-On Transfer Paper from OnlineLabels.com and some plain ribbon that won’t distract from the words. Just download my free “Handmade With Love” file below and print it out on a sheet of the transfer paper. Don’t be startled when you realize that the words are backward. They’ll be the right way when you iron them onto the ribbon. At this point, you’ll want to trim each row with either a handheld scissor or a paper cutter (I highly suggest the paper cutter for nice even lines!)

Free “Handmade With Love” File

Place a strip of the labels onto the ribbon and iron in place according to the directions found on the OnlineLabels.com website. Continue ironing on as many labels as you think you’ll need.

Once the labels have been ironed on, allow the ribbon to cool completely before removing the protective backing. Now you can see why the original file had to be mirrored.

Following the light blue guidelines, use a sharp pair of scissors to trim each label.

You now have your own handmade cloth tags! You’ve got a few options at this point. You can sew them onto your project by hand or with a sewing machine. Another option would be to sew them into a seam. If you don’t want to use sewing supplies, you could also apply a strip of fusible webbing and just iron them in place. Make sure to protect the front of the label if you decide to go this route.¬†Hope you enjoy making your own cloth tags!

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