Magnetic Alphabet Matching Game

Posted by on January 5, 2018
Magnetic Alphabet Matching Game

If you’ve got kids you’re very familiar with how important it is to have the alphabet all over the house. The more they see the letters, the easier it’ll be when they’re in school learning how to read. We’ve already got alphabet puzzles, books, games, and toys but I wanted something that I could use in the kitchen while we cook together so I made up this magnetic alphabet matching game that’s perfect for the fridge. Thought you guys would find it useful too!

To make this magnetic alphabet matching game, all you need is a sheet of Magnetic Business Cards from and the free file found below. The file has an image and word for each letter of the alphabet. My favorite one is the adorable snail!

Magnetic Alphabet Matching Game Free File

If you want to use this file as just flashcards all you have to do is remove the magnetic border and separate each of the cards. I love how easy the magnetic business cards are to work with! If you’re planning on making a matching game like I did, remove a row of cards and cut the lower section off with a paper trimmer. Super easy to do it all at once! Now you just have to separate from each other and your game is good to go!

How do you like your new magnetic alphabet matching game? The only thing you have to do is place the magnets on a metal surface, introduce the concept to your kids, and then let them go! I would suggest starting with just a few pictures and words if your child is just beginning to read and working up to the entire alphabet for more experienced readers. They may have a difficult time with some of the larger words at first but after a few tries, you’ll be surprised just how quickly they catch on. Hope you and your family enjoy playing this magnetic alphabet matching game!

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