Good Luck Mint Gift

Posted by on January 4, 2018
Good Luck Mint Gift

Do you know someone who has a big test or challenge ahead of them? We’ve all been in their shoes and as a result, know exactly how it feels to be stressed out so why not give them a little something to let them know they’re in your thoughts. This good luck mint gift is the perfect way to show you care! It’s small enough that you can discreetly give it to the lucky recipient without too much fanfare. I promise, your thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed!To make your own good luck mint gift, all you need is a small tin of mints, a sheet of Mint Tin Labels from, and the free label file found below. The sheet comes with 15 labels per page so you’ll definitely have enough to gift to a class of students or if you only need one, save for later. You never know when someone’s going to need a little encouragement!

Good Luck Mint Gift Free Labels

Assembling this little gift is super easy. Just remove the label and stick in place! I always appreciate how easy it is to work with the labels from I’ve never had any problems with printing on them and they’re always easy to remove from the backing.

Isn’t this good luck mint gift the cutest? I left a section on the label for you to sign who it’s from with a white gel pen. You can always sign “Me” or “Someone Who Loves You!” if you want to keep it anonymous. I’m totally planning on giving these to my kids when they have finals. Not only will they know I love them but they’ll also have nice fresh breath now. It’s a win/win for me! Hope you find these free labels helpful in sharing a little bit of encourage-mint with someone who needs it!

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