Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

Posted by on December 11, 2017
Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

I’m a huge fan of making handmade gifts so it makes sense why I absolutely love this Christmas tree wrapping paper I made with labels from! This method of gift wrapping is a bit time consuming so I’d definitely recommend sticking with smaller gifts but if you’ve got the time, you could definitely go big. Whether you’re gifting your friend or family member a small or large gift, they’re sure to appreciate the effort in your presentation!

When working with a small surface area, making this wrapping paper really couldn’t be easier! All you need to begin is a small gift covered with plain wrapping paper and a few sheets of Christmas Tree Labels from I would highly suggest using a really basic pattern for the initial wrapping paper so that the tree design doesn’t get overshadowed. I love how the red and white polka dots look with the kraft paper trees!

Laying out the pattern is probably the most difficult part of this project. I just sort of eye-balled where each tree was supposed to go but if that makes you uncomfortable, you could also use a ruler to lay them out perfectly. Another idea would be to embrace your imperfections and instead have the trees scattered around the package like confetti. Wouldn’t that be festive?!

Marking who the gift is for and who it’s from is super easy since the entire gift is covered in labels. Just choose one of the labels to write on and your package is complete! I chose to add a simple bow made out of baker’s twine but you can, of course, embellish your gift any way you see fit. Hope you have fun customizing your gifts with this Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper and have a wonderful holiday season. Happy holidays from my family to yours!

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