Christmas Chalkboard Wishlist

Posted by on December 5, 2017
Christmas Chalkboard Wishlist

I don’t care how old you are, you’re never too old for a Christmas chalkboard wishlist! It doesn’t matter if you’re filling it out for the eyes of a significant other or Santa himself, wishlists are an important part of getting into the holiday spirit. I decided to make a wishlist that I could reuse year after year as part of my standard holiday decor. The chalkboard full sheet labels from are absolutely perfect for this project! So, whether you’re wishing for expensive jewelry or just for a little help around the house, this Christmas chalkboard wishlist is sure to get your point across!

To make your own Christmas chalkboard wishlist, you’re going to need a sheet of’s chalkboard full sheet label, the free “All I Want For Christmas” file, and a hard surface to stick the chalkboard. I’m using the back side of a broken picture frame but you could also use a wood panel or even a clipboard to make this project all your own.

Pull the  “All I Want For Christmas” file into your cutting machine software and cut the chalkboard label with the proper settings for your machine. I used my Cricut Air 2 and had to set it to “Cardstock” to cut properly through the thick chalkboard label. You may have to experiment a bit with your machine until you’re happy with the cut.

Use a bit of transfer paper to remove the chalkboard from the protective backing and transfer it to the hard surface of your choice. Don’t worry if you’re having a tough time pulling up all the pieces of each letter with the transfer paper. It doesn’t take too long just transferring it manually!

Your Christmas chalkboard wishlist is all done and ready to be filled in with a chalkboard marker. Hope you have tons of fun making and using it!

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