Thanksgiving Gratitude Chain

Posted by on November 7, 2017
Thanksgiving Gratitude Chain

What special family traditions do you enjoy during the holiday season? I remember when I was growing up, we weren’t allowed to take a single bite out of Thanksgiving dinner until we went in a complete circle saying what we were thankful for. As a kid, there were times that I wished we could skip that part and just go straight to the eating but now, as an adult, I absolutely love the idea. This year we’re doing something similar with our kids as a way to introduce that gratitude is the most important part of Thanksgiving … although pecan pie is a close second!

The only things you need to make a Thanksgiving Gratitude Chain with your family is a few Full Sheet Labels from and the free file below. I’m partial to the look of kraft paper for this project but has tons of different color options to choose from as well. I highly suggest getting the full sheet label with the 1″ horizontal back slit I linked to above. It’ll be so much easier to make the chain!

Thanksgiving Gratitude Chain Free File

Once you have all the strips cut, all you need to do is leave them out with a few pens for your Thanksgiving guests to fill in. This would be a great way to greet guests in your entryway or if your dinner is more casual, have these scattered down a table runner on the dining room table. Just make sure that your family and friends see and fill them out!

Once someone is done filing in their strip, all they have to do is remove the 1″ section of protective backing, weave onto the chain, and press adhesive side to secure closed.

This Thanksgiving Gratitude Chain is going to be such a fun tradition to do year after year. Hope you and your family enjoy it as well!

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