Showing Your Customers Appreciation

Posted by on October 11, 2017
Showing Your Customers Appreciation

More and more businesses are adding a personal touch to their advertising, branding, and how they ship items to customers. A hand written thank you, even on the invoice or receipt, can go a long way. Recently, I’ve noticed a few small businesses taking their items off of Amazon so that they have full control over shipments and making the buying experience personal again. If you’re a business looking for a way to connect with your customers, this post is just for you!

Creating repeat business

When shipping an item to a customer, take just a few seconds to drop in a motivational print. This print can be hung on a fridge, framed to be put on the wall, or even displayed in a home office. As customers anxiously open their product that just arrived on their front doorstep, you’ll surprise them even more by taking this one extra step.

Creating a brand.

Place the print in a clear bag and even throw in a few pieces of confetti or tissue paper that match your branding colors. Don’t put so much that it creates a mess for the customer upon opening. Right before you seal the box, put the beautifully packaged print right on top.

A free print for your customers

This not only ups the ante on your branding but creates a personal customer experience. This can lead to referrals, taking pictures and advertising on social media, and repeat business. See how one small thing can bring about big results?

Setting your business up for success.

It doesn’t matter if you like minimal or vibrant designs, I have two options for you to download today to immediately start using when packaging your products.  With each download, you’ll receive four different prints. Print these on the white cardstock postcards for durability and separate with ease due to the horizontal and vertical perforations.

Show your customers appreciation

Click each image below to download your own set of prints to send to your customers. You can even check out this post, Branding a Business with Social Media Cards, to motivate customers to share their new print on their social platforms.


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