How to Successfully Ship from Home as a Small Business

Posted by on September 5, 2017
How to Successfully Ship from Home as a Small Business

If you’re a small business owner and ship products, you know how much of a hassle it can be to get products out the door. Packaging products can be a long process on its own. Throw in driving to the post office? It turns into a whole day event. Not only are you loading and unloading your packages, but you have to wait in line, get each package weighed, and purchase postage. Get where I’m going with this? I’m here to tell you that tomorrow you can start shipping products from home without ever having to step foot into a post office again. You simply package your product, print postage, and place the packages by your front door for USPS to pick up. Here are my top 5 ways to successfully and quickly ship products from home.

1. Organize an Area for Shipping Materials

Create a shipping system in order to quickly package your products. Start by designating an area that will organize all of your shipping supplies so you can easily access them. You’ll know exactly where all of your packaging materials are when you’re running low on materials and packaging will run a little smoother. This is also extremely helpful if you hire part time or full-time employees to help you package products.

Create an area to organize all of your shipping supplies - Within the Grove

2. Find Deals on Shipping Mailers

One of the most expensive parts of mailing products is the packaging itself. Make sure you’re well stocked with boxes and mailers so you’re never left running out the door last minute to grab a few. You can find great deals on Amazon and Etsy for shipping mailers.

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3. Invest in Shipping Labels

The only way you’ll ultimately be able to ship from home, is being able to print your own shipping labels. Make sure you have a scale on hand to weigh your packages. There’s nothing worse than having a package returned because your postage wasn’t enough. Using, USPS, PayPal, and any other service you prefer, you want to make sure you have the best of the best shipping labels to print on. provides a shipping label, OL400AT, that successfully stick to shipping boxes, mailers, and shipping paper. It’s my go-to every single time! It doesn’t matter where you’re printing your postage from, they’re bound to fit this label due to their size.

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4. Branding Your Business on the Packages

Now that you’ve gained a little more time at home since you don’t have to make runs to the post office, invest a few minutes of your time to include branding on the inside and outside of your packages. This allows you to advertise your business, show customers the quality of your products, the time you invest in their happiness, and helps build your brand. This can easily be accomplished by using one of the many label designs offers. You can find examples and free printables in the blog posts Shipping Labels for Businesses and Product Display Labels for Businesses to help get you started.

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5. USPS Pick Up

Finally, here’s the golden ticket. Once you’ve packaged all of your products to be shipped, added your branding with the use of labels, and applied your postage, it’s time to ship right from your front door. Head to and schedule a front door pick up. If you schedule it during your regular mail drop off, there’s no charge. For a fee, you can have it picked up at a different time. I’ve already tried this a few times and it’s a game changer for my business!

How to Successfully Ship from Home - Within the Grove

If you’re tired of taking weekly or even daily post office trips, I really hope this post helps. You’ll be able to invest and focus your time in other areas of your business since you’re no longer taking trips to the post office. Are there any tips and tricks you could add to this list to help fellow business owners ship from home? Leave it in the comments below!

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