“Don’t Forget” Door Hanger To-Do List

Posted by on August 21, 2017
“Don’t Forget” Door Hanger To-Do List

Sometimes life gets so hectic that even with all the digital methods of remembering important dates or events, I still need the occasional well-placed, physical to-do list. I’m not sure if paper lists help me remember better because I actually have to write out notes by hand or because I’m visually drawn to a random piece of paper, but either way, I’ll take all the help I can get! I made this “Don’t Forget” door hanger to help jog my memory as I’m running out the door. Hope you find it useful too!

Making these “Don’t Forget” door hangers couldn’t be easier! All you need are some White Cardstock Door Hangers from OnlineLabels.com and the free printable file below. I like to print a ton of them out at one time so that they’re ready to go when I need them the most. You can print out two lists per label sheet and there are plenty of lines for even the lengthiest of lists. OnlineLabels.com makes it even easier for us by perfectly perforating the door handle cut-out as well as the center line of the paper. You should see how easy it is to punch out and separate their pre-cut labels!

Grab the “Don’t Forget” Door Hanger free file HERE!

Aren’t these paper to-do lists so cute and so easy to make? They’re a great way to remember grocery items you need to pick up on the way home, to call someone for their birthday, or even just to schedule some downtime for yourself. These “Don’t Forget” Door Hangers would also be a great addition to a gift basket for any new graduate on their way to college or paired with a pen for a “Welcome To The Neighborhood” gift! Regardless if you’re planning on using them for yourself or a friend, I hope you enjoy putting them to good use!

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