DIY Customizable Back to School Labels

Posted by on August 7, 2017
DIY Customizable Back to School Labels

It’s that time of year again. Vacations are winding down and families are running out to the stores to pick up all the supplies needed for the school year.

School starts next week for us and we’ve already done all of our school supply shopping. I wanted my son, Kai, to start getting excited for the first day of school, so we I created some labels for him using Online Labels’ Maestro Label Designer. I had him stick the labels on all of his folders and notebooks himself. I wanted to label his supplies just in case he loses something (like all kids do eventually) or if a classmate accidentally mistakes it as his own.

I know unless your child’s name is Kai, you probably won’t download these particular labels. Honestly, though, you can create your own labels using your child’s name in just a few minutes. Online Labels’ design software is simple to use. It also has a lot of free and colorful clip art that you can put onto your designs.

iy school labels;;

Since Kai really enjoys science, I chose a science theme for his labels. As you can see here, I also designed a few other themes as ideas for you – like school or monsters. You can also place other clip art themes like sports, food, flowers or basically anything that interests your child.

I also chose to use Online Labels’ weatherproof labels because this way the ink won’t run if Kai ever accidentally spills water on it or drops one of his folders on a puddle walking home from school. Also, I placed one of these labels on his thermos. The best part about these waterproof labels is that they can also go in the dishwasher without getting messed up.



Step 1: Create a label on Online Labels’ Maestro Designer with your child’s name on it and his/her particular interests.

Step 2: Print out your personalized labels from your home printer.

iy school labels;;

Step 3: Have your child stick the labels on his/her school supplies.

iy school labels;;

Project completed!

iy school labels;;

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