Networking and Branding with Fresh Flowers

Posted by on July 11, 2017
Networking and Branding with Fresh Flowers

In today’s corporate and small business world, it’s more important than ever to have outstanding branding and networking skills to stand out. Fresh Flowers provide branding for gardeners or florists and a networking tool for business owners that can be presented in a unique way. They certainly brighten a situation and bring an abundance of smiles. Today, I’m going to talk about how you can dress up flowers using a label to benefit all business owners, florist or not.

Cut Flower Gardeners and Florists

Cut flower gardens are popping up all over the United States. Here in Central Florida, we even have workshops teaching you how to grow your own. Florists are also outsourcing local farmers for their flowers. With that said, there’s a demand to be able to provide fresh cut flowers to individuals that want to cut and create their own floral arrangements.

What can gardeners and florists do to make a lasting impression? They can focus on their branding when preparing the fresh flowers. After wrapping the flowers that were just purchased by a customer, seal the paper with a custom label. This label can have a business logo, quote, or simply read fresh flowers. It’s a great opportunity for gardeners and florists to advertise their business. Especially when customers will more than likely post on social media platforms.

Business Owners

Imagine as a business owner you’re about to have an important meeting that will determine the next big step for your business. The collaboration or partnership that’s about to take place is something you’ve dreamed of since the beginning of your business. Start or end the meeting with a lasting impression by providing fresh flowers.

Since you may not be able to order them in time, head to your local market and grab a handful of your favorites. You can wrap and seal them yourself with the free label design offered at the end of this post. With such a thoughtful gesture, it will only help you with your business transaction. Now, of course, you have to take into consideration if the client will enjoy fresh flowers. If not, you can apply the same concept by getting a treat from a local bakery and sealing it with your company’s logo. Here’s an example in this post all about product labeling. There are always options!

So, if you’re a gardener or florist, it’s time to invest in labels for your fresh flowers! I’d love to help you create a custom label for your business needs. Just comment below and I can certainly help. You can also download the free label design by clicking on the image below. For all of the business owners with collaborations and meetings coming up, you just need to grab fresh flowers and download the Fresh Flowers label below for the extra special touch.

Label needed: OL3187

Download the Fresh Flower design by clicking the image below:

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