Summer Screen Time Checklist

Posted by on June 15, 2017
Summer Screen Time Checklist

I don’t know about you guys but if I let them, my kids would be staring at screens all summer long! Seriously, what is it about screens that make kids naturally drawn to them? I’m thinking proactively and planning on instituting a Summer Screen Time Checklist that my kids have to complete before being allowed to even look at a tablet. The first few weeks may be tough but by the end of summer, they’ll be old pros at completing this checklist!

All you need to make your own Summer Screen Checklist is the free file found below and a sheet of Mini Star Labels from I went with the super shiny and fun gold foil stars but they have tons of different color choices to choose from. The fluorescent colors would be super fun too! If you’re super ambitious, you could even print something like the word “done!” on each star by either downloading the free template from or editing it online with their free Maestro Label Designer.

Print the “Summer Screen Time Checklist”

Once you’ve printed out the checklist and have your sheet of star stickers, all you have to do is present them to your children and explain how the summer schedule is going to work. No screen time will be had until there’s a star next to each of the activities for the day. Keep in mind that if you have older kids that are use to unlimited screen time, this Summer Screen Time Checklist may be a tough pill to swallow but just be patient and explain how this is not at all suppose to be punitive. There’s just so much summer fun to be had outside of a screen! Don’t worry too much if they’re upset, they’ll totally get use to this schedule by the end of summer!

Hope you find this Summer Screen Time Checklist helpful and have a wonderful summer!

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