Label Your Meeting Supplies With Branded Stickers

Posted by on April 19, 2017
Label Your Meeting Supplies With Branded Stickers

Monday has arrived and as usual it’s all about setting goals, reviewing data, sorting through ways to solve problems, identifying areas of improvement, and celebrating the big and little wins. Say hello to the weekly work meeting. If you’re a business owner or you simply want to make meetings more intriguing for yourself and your co-workers, keep reading!

Meetings don’t have to be boring with the typical notepad and stale doughnuts sitting on the table. Instead, spruce it up with a branding style that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye. You can do this by using your favorite labels on products with your business logo.

Provide a refreshing bottle of water with the business logo wrapped right around the bottle. Use OL1159WJ labels to achieve this look. The labels are even waterproof!

For my water bottle labels, I extended the design so that it wraps around the entire bottle. Business on the front and a little fun on the back.

Next up, give each employee or co-worker a folder to place all of their important papers in. You know, the papers they possibly won’t look at until the next meeting. But hey, at least they’ll know where they are. Apply a label that wraps around to the inside of the folder using OL5450WX labels. This provides a little fun in and outside the folder. With such a great design, fewer employees will be misplacing their folder!

Then, there are the notes that everyone will need to jot down. Attach your business logo to the front of a notebook, big or small. I went with clear labels to allow the color of the notebooks to show through.

They were too colorful to cover up! With a hexagon shape, these labels just might be my favorite. I used OL3186CJ labels to instantly dress up these notebooks. I’ve always been a pen and paper type of person so this is the perfect resource to allow me to refer back to business changes and important notes. Your employees will thank you!

Now, imagine all of these amazing business meeting materials displayed on a conference table as everyone walks in. With your business labels attached, they’re sure to put a pep into everyone’s step. Don’t make weekly business meetings a drag. It’s time to do something about it! Grab your labels, head on over to Maestro Label Designer, and you’ll be leading business meetings in a whole new way instantly.

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