Wedding Tea Light Labels

Posted by on April 10, 2017
Wedding Tea Light Labels

Wedding season is almost here and before you know it, the whole internet will be flooded with DIY wedding hacks! From homemade favors to photo booth props, with a little help from the internet, there are tons of ways you can easily stay within your wedding budget. We’re here to share one of those ways with these free Wedding Tea Light Labels. They’re the perfect way to easily customize your tables!

To make use of these Wedding Tea Light Labels, you only need a couple of supplies: tea lights (either battery-operated or traditional) and these VHS Spine Labels from I know that there are few things as unromantic as VHS Spine Labels but once you print the free file and apply to the candles, you’ll never know what these labels were originally used for! The labels come in tons of different options so that you can match the color scheme you picked out for the big day. There are even silver and gold options for a totally glam look! Each page comes with 15 labels so even the largest of weddings won’t have to print out many sheets.

Grab the free Wedding Tea Light Labels HERE!

I’ve created a PDF file so that you can enter the names and date of your special day straight onto the PDF. Just open up the file I listed above and click in the shaded box to the right of “Happily Ever After.” You’ll be able to add names, dates, or even a special short message if you’d like. So many different ways to customize these labels to match your wedding!

After you’ve customized and printed your labels, all you have to do is wrap them around your tea light of choice. Whether you choose battery-powered or the traditional candle, just make sure the container lip is wide enough to fit the label (.6689″).

Hope you enjoy these Wedding Tea Light Labels and that they help you stay well within your budget. Congrats on your Happily Ever After!

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