Book Worm Librarian Gift

Posted by on April 5, 2017
Book Worm Librarian Gift

There are so many amazing professionals that dedicate their lives to helping children but often get overlooked, including the ever important school librarian. They are essential to not only enriching the lives of our children today but also for a lifetime to come. This year, National Library Week is in April, so I’ve come up with a super easy (and cute!) way to thank them for a job well done with this Book Worm Librarian Gift!

I know you’re all super busy and most days it’s a miracle if your kids get to school on time. I didn’t want to make this Book Worm Librarian Gift difficult to put together. All you need are these Title Belt Bottle labels from, a small container, and some gummy worms. You could even omit the small container if you’re short on time and just stick the free “Book Worm” label straight onto the package of gummy worms. Not as cute but definitely will work in a pinch!

Download the Book Worm Label HERE!

After you’ve filled in the “To” and “From” sections (much easier to do when the label is flat!), just peel off the label from the backing and apply to the center of the container.

Now, all you need to do is fill the container with either plain gummy worms or, my personal favorite, sour gummy worms! This Book Worm Librarian Gift is small enough that you kid could easily take it to school with him or her and drop it off in the library before heading to their class. I know it’s not a huge gift but sometimes it truly is the thought that counts. So, don’t forget to celebrate National Library Week next week and let your librarian know just how much you and your kids appreciate him or her!

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