Spring Easter Egg Treat Bags

Posted by on March 30, 2017
Spring Easter Egg Treat Bags

I absolutely love everything about spring time: the colors, the flowers, the Easter egg hunts … it’s all just so fun and festive! Keeping in line with celebrating the season, I thought it would be fun to make some small Spring Easter Egg Treat Bags that could easily be filled with little knick-knacks or treats. Making these bags really couldn’t be any easier, probably the hardest part will be finding items small enough to fit inside. I’ll include some suggestions below!

To make the Spring Easter Egg Treat Bags, all you’ll need is Oval Labels from OnlineLabels.com, the free “Easter Egg Treat Bags” file found below, and a few small pieces of tissue or crepe paper. You’ll be using the paper to line the inside of the labels so that the treats inside don’t stick to the sides.

Click here for the free “Spring Easter Egg Treat Bags” File!

Before assembling the treat bags, you’re going to need to cut out small ovals from the tissue or crepe paper to place inside. I just held a piece of crepe paper over the oval stickers and traced about 1/2″ inside of the sticker edge. Don’t worry about making it exact, you just need enough of the sticker showing so that it’ll stick together. Once traced, fold the paper over and cut out the paper ovals. If you’re planning on making a ton of these little treat bags for your classroom or friends, just fold the paper multiple times and cut the paper ovals all at once. 
Place the paper ovals in the center of two stickers and press 3/4 of the Easter Egg Treat Bags together, making sure to leave a small opening to fill.Now comes the fun part! You can fill the treat bags with small candies, miniature figurines, tattoo papers, or even small squishy toys. You could even write an inspirational message on a small piece of paper and insert it inside of the eggs for a fun daily devotional that can be done with kids. Whatever you decide to fill the eggs with, they’re sure to be enjoyed!

Hope you have fun making, filling, and “breaking” these Spring Easter Egg Treat Bags!

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